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Mother and Daughter

We are on a mission to make Africa's food production self-sufficient and sustainable, by putting Farmers at the heart of our story 

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Tingo Foods is committed to tackling food insecurity in Africa in everything we do; from creating jobs, to supporting farmers and communities, creating tactical supply chains and creating a planet we would want our future generations to inherit. 

Tingo Foods is an FMCG brand in Nigeria, on its way to producing high-quality, nutritious food products while encompassing environmental, social, and economic considerations for the long-term viability and health of our planet, society, and economy. Our commitment goes beyond creating nutritions food products to also responsibly source, utilise, equitable distribute, and preserve our natural resources and ecosystems.

We understand that our mission extends beyond food processing, that is why we prioritise environmental governance and implementing sustainable practices throughout our operations. From sourcing ingredients locally to responsible waste management, we're dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact.


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From Farm to table
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Foods and Flavours from the farmers of Africa to the world

Green Energy Initiatives 

In addition to environmental stewardship, Tingo Foods facility will house a 110 MW solar plant. We prioritize our ESG responsibilities, which includes prioritizing the well-being of our employees, stakeholders, and the communities we serve. We believe that supporting our farmers is crucial to achieving our mission.

Solar Panels Technicians


Fostering Food Sovereignty and Ensure Long-term Viability of our Food Systems

The $1.6B  investment is aligned to the vision that are compliant to Special Agriculture Processing Zone (SAPZ) project, a first of its kind project in Nigeria, will be the largest Food Processing Facility in Africa.
Our passion for African culture and food keeps us going on our mission to produce high quality yet affordable and responsible Food products. Tingo Foods will inspire food production across the continent, pioneering new ways to build a sustainable food chain.
Tingo Foods will align under six of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals

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Completing Tingo's Food & Agriculture eco-system from seed to sale

Our Portfolio Companies



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Nwassa App 

A Comprehensive Online Marketplace for Farmers and Farming Supplies 

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Digital Payment

Tingo Pay

"Get Ready to Tingle with Tingo Foods: Your Trusted Digital Payment Partner".

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Our online marketplace Nwassa connects farmers with technical resources, farm tech solutions and a global marketplace to create a beneficial proposition for the agricultural community. We are committed to creating a safe and transparent platform that allows farmers and customers to connect directly.
With more than 9 million farmers on board we strive to ethically transform the ethos of Agriculture for the Farming community in Nigeria 
Paying for Groceries


We believe in the power of tech to support rural and  urban resellers. At Tingo we constantly reflect on our responsibility  to making sure our products are made with natural ingredients, sourced from sustainable suppliers and produced with minimal environmental impact. 

Start Up Office


If you’re a driven and enthusiastic individual, we want to hear from you! Work with us to create a better future for everyone.

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